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Tire maintenance tips

Prolong the lifespan of your tires with regular, scheduled maintenance and expert advice from your Volkswagen Certified Technician.
VW Tire Pressure

Tire pressure

Under-inflated tires increase fuel consumption and cause premature tire wear. On the flipside, over-inflated tires can cause bulging and uneven wear.

VW Wheel Alignment

Proper alignment

If your vehicle’s suspension is out of alignment, it can cause uneven tire wear and inferior handling. Your Volkswagen technician can make sure all wheels are aligned properly.

VW Tire Balancing

Well-balanced wheels

Bumps, curbs and other uneven road conditions can cause your wheels to go out of balance. The result: excessive vibration, wobbly movement and uneven tire wear. Your Volkswagen technician can ensure proper balance by remounting tires.

VW Tire Rotation

Rotate your tires

Vehicle weight and driving patterns can cause uneven wear. By rotating the tires across all four wheel positions, you can help reduce wear.

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VW Tire Maintenance
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