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Winter or all-season tires?

In Canada, there’s no debate: Winter tires prevail when it comes to snowy, slippery roads.
VW Winter vs All-Season Tires Breaking Distance

Better braking distance

In icy conditions, winter tires stop 34% faster than all-season tires, requiring just 10.7 meters to come to a complete stop, versus 16.3 meters.*

VW Winter Tires Enhanced Traction

Enhanced traction in snow

Winter tires have better traction in snowy conditions, especially when temperatures dip below zero.

VW Tighter Cornering

Tighter cornering

In icy conditions, winter tires allow for more precise, 90-degree turns.

VW Winter Aqua Planning

Superior in soggy conditions

Winter tires’ deeper tread design allows for better drainage, countering the “aquaplaning” effect that can occur when driving through large puddles.

VW Tire Grip

Timing is everything

When temperatures consistently hit below 7°C, the time is right to change your tires.

VW Wheel and Tire

Wheel and tire packages

Remember to buy wheels when you purchase your tires. Volkswagen offers a wide selection of alloy and steel wheels to go along with your new tires, making it easier to install and uninstall, and store them each season.

Grip these tires

VW Off Season Tire Storage
Off-season tire storage
Need somewhere to store your summer or winter tires? Just ask your dealer.
VW Tire Rebate
Tire rebates
Grip big rebates on brand name tires.
VW Tire Maintenance
Tire maintenance
Prolong the life of your tires with these simple tips.