, 2019-06-21 00:13:24

VW Shocks & Struts

Shock absorbers and struts are safety-related components that help keep vehicles safely on track. When worn out, they can significantly impact braking distance, lateral wind sensitivity and steering control. To make matters worse, tires also wear out faster.

Driver assistance systems like ABS and ESP only work properly when the suspension system delivers correct ‘’information.’’ Malfunctioning shock absorbers or struts distort this information. When carrying out abrupt evasive manoeuvers, there is an increased likelihood of rolling over.

Shocks and struts don’t wear out suddenly. It’s a gradual process. Not surprisingly, their slow deterioration often goes unnoticed. Shock absorbers or struts should be checked every 60,000 km to 80,000 km.

Right part.
Right price.

Volkswagen Original Shocks and Struts are designed to meet the unique specifications of your Volkswagen model. That means they work optimally with the entire range of suspension components, including brakes and safety-related driver assistance systems.

Count on Volkswagen Original Shocks and Struts to:

  • provide impressive cornering stability
  • provide outstanding steering safety
  • deliver improved traction
  • be compatible with suspension components and driver assistance systems
  • protect against unnecessary subsequent repair costs