, 2019-10-22 00:09:34

Roadside Assistance

Stay safe with our 24/7 Volkswagen Roadside Assistance.

What’s included

  • Towing to nearest Volkswagen dealership or authorized garage
  • Battery jump-start
  • Flat tire service
  • Lockout service
  • Gasoline delivery service
  • Emergency winching service
  • Trip interruption benefits with purchase of a new vehicle

Who’s eligible

New vehicles
Volkswagen vehicles sold in Canada are eligible for 4 years / 80,000 km, beginning at the date of vehicle delivery or warranty start date, whichever comes first.

Certified Pre-Owned
CPO vehicles come with an additional coverage beginning at the expiration of the original coverage or sale date of the Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, whichever is later.

Need assistance?

Call 1-800-411-6688 for details and to sign up.
Before calling, have the following details ready:
  • your vehicle identification number (VIN), located on your registration, insurance or windshield on the driver’s side
  • year, model, colour and licence plate number
  • vehicle location, including nearest intersection or street address