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Original Accessories

Upgrade your ride with Volkswagen Original Accessories. Built to the highest quality standards, our genuine accessories are made specifically for your model.
VW Protections Mats
Comfort & Protection
Protect your cabin from everyday wear and tear.
VW Sport & Design Accessories
Sport & Design
Customize your VW with sporty features and other design accessories.
VW Wheels
Add some serious curb appeal with Volkswagen Original alloy wheels and rims.
VW Media Accessories
Stay connected with digital cables and other communications devices.
VW Storage Accessories
Expand your cargo space with rooftop carriers and other space-saving accessories.
VW Car Care Accessories
Car Care
Browse cleaning products and other car-care essentials.
VW Clothing Collection

VW Collection

Show your VW love with authentic Volkswagen swag, including sports gear, clothing, lifestyle products and more.